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Frans Timmermans, Vice president of the European Commission for the European Green Deal said that the Commission will only assess the emissions reduction target to 50 – 55% by 2030, during his presentation at the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee.

In reaction to his announcement, Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe said: “ It is disappointing that the Commission is dragging its feet to propose a Paris compatible and science based climate target, despite the lesson learnt from the COVID 19 crisis on the importance of listening to science. Based on the UN’s latest recommendations for emission reductions needed to limit temperature rise to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C objective, the EU must increase its 2030 climate target to at least 65% [1].

Now the European Parliament has a key role to play to ensure that the EU complies with its international commitment under the Paris Agreement and drastically increases its 2030 climate target.”

Last week, Jytte Guteland, lead rapporteur in the European Parliament on the EU climate law file, announced she integrated an EU 2030 climate target of 65% in her draft report for the Parliament’s Environment Committee. The report will now be subject to an exchange of views in the Parliament’s Environment Committee on 27th May, leading to an amendments deadline on 3rd June.


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[1]  UN Environment in its latest Emissions Gap Report calls for annual emission reductions of 7.6% in order to reach the 1.5°C target. Applying this 7.6% reduction would require the EU to increase its 2030 target from 40% to 65% by 2030. UN Environment Emission Gap report can be seen here:

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe is Europe's leading NGO coalition fighting dangerous climate change. With over 170 member organisations active in 38 European countries, representing over 1.500 NGOs and more than 47 million citizens, CAN Europe promotes sustainable climate, energy and development policies throughout Europe.


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