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Side-event co-sponsered by CAN Europe and the Global Subsidy Initiative

Thursday December 10th, 12:30-14.00, European Pavilion, room 'Luxembourg'   

Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies can unlock climate action and is therefore essential if we are to stay below 2 degrees warming. This event focuses on fossil fuel subsidies, particularly in Europe, and the mitigation potential a phase out of such subsidies could have. The event will discuss both challenges and solutions to enhance fossil fuel subsidies phase out and will bring together NGOs, industry and government representatives. It will include a discussion and Q & A with the participants.

Introduction: The imperative of FFS phase out.

Wendel Trio, Director, CAN Europe

The State of Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Jehan Sauvage, OECD

Fossil Fuel subsidies versus climate mitigation

Anja Kollmuss, climate policy coordinator, CAN Europe

Fossil Fuel Subsidy phase out: a major contribution to achieve greenhouse gas reductions

Laura Merrill, Senior Researcher, Global Subsidies Initiative

Lessons learned from fossil fuel subsidy phase out in Sweden

Anna Lindstedt, Ambassador for Climate Change, Sweden

Lessons learned from fossil fuel subsidy phase out in India

Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO of Council on Energy Environment and Water of India

Responses from Industry representatives

Joël Meggelaars, Public Affairs Advisor, European Wind Energy Association

Peter Droege di Maas, President of EUROSOLAR


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