How have political parties and MEPs performed on climate and energy? CAN Europe has developed a simple overview of how MEPs, from the current parliamentary term 2009-2014, have voted on ten issues related to climate change and energy. This analysis has been compiled into scorecards that rate national political parties and European political groups based on the voting behavior of their respective MEPs. The scorecards illustrate broadly the positions of national political parties on climate and energy and how they relate to European decision-making. The scorecard summary also outlines how countries fare overall.

CAN Europe is not affiliated with and does not endorse any political party. The MEP and party analyses presented in the scorecards are based solely on statistical data.

pdf MEP Scorecards Complete Collection (583 KB)

pdf MEP Scorecards Analysis (137 KB)

pdf MEP Scorecards Background Document (179 KB)

pdf EU political groups scorecard (177 KB)


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