Our Members of the European Parliament can be European climate leaders. As European citizens we have the power to make this happen. Climate Action Network Europe has launched a campaign that calls on all of our MEP candidates to commit to tackling climate change throughout their term of office should they be elected to the European Parliament.

The Pledge

I recognise the importance of tackling climate change at the European level. Failure to act will cost the European economy billions of Euro a year and will have even greater human costs. This includes the growing impacts of climate change in developing countries where support for climate action is essential.

I am however convinced that tackling climate change will bring a healthier future for our children, new jobs, energy security as well as many other major benefits for both the European population and the international community.

As a candidate Member of the European Parliament, I commit to support the development of climate and energy policies that set us on a roadmap to decarbonisation.

In particular I pledge:

1. To support the organisation of an urgency debate on climate action at the start of the European Parliament's activities;

2. To make support for adequate climate change action a prerequisite for supporting nominations of any new member of the European Commission;

3. To support the adoption by the European Parliament of a position that addresses the urgent need for stronger climate action in the EU. This position will support a post-2020 climate and energy policy framework that includes ambitious and binding targets on the following: greenhouse gas emission reductions, renewable energy and energy efficiency.




The map below shows the MEP candidates who signed the Climate Pledge (scroll up to read it) and have been elected to the new European Parliamentary term. Click on one or more countries to filter the relevant MEPs




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