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  • Offshore wind in the North Seas is key to reaching climate neutrality, but needs a better framework

    06.07.2020 | Press Releases

    Offshore wind plays a key role in the energy transition to limit temperature rise to 1.5° as stated in the Paris Agreement. The North Seas Countries, including Germany, and the European Commission met today to discuss how to improve planning and cooperation to ensure offshore wind is deployed in a timely and consistent manner.

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  • There’s no role for fossil fuels in an energy scenario truly aligned with the Paris Agreement 1.5°C target

    03.07.2020 | Press Releases

    The European grid operators ENTSO-E and ENTSOG have updated their scenarios for the Ten Year Network Development Plan 2020. CAN Europe welcomes that the grid operators improved transparency of their scenario building, however, while we are in a climate emergency and the European Commission plans to increase the EU climate targets, these scenarios are still trapped in an old energy world.

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  • CAN Europe’s Position Paper on the EU 2030 energy targets

    01.07.2020 | CAN Europe Positions

    Action in the next 10 years will be most decisive in reaching the 1.5°C objective. The EU will need to increase its 2030 domestic greenhouse emission reduction target under the Paris Agreement from at least 40% to at least 65% compared to 1990 emissions. Such an ambition level would be in line with the recent UNEP Emissions Gap Report underlining that a trajectory consistent with the Paris 1.5°C goal requires emissions to annually decrease by 7.6% between now and 2030. 

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  • Civil society-led energy scenario sets path to climate neutral Europe by 2040

    30.06.2020 | Press Releases

    European civil society organisations map out the first-ever NGO-led energy scenario based on 100% renewable energy and looking at reducing carbon emissions by at least 65% by 2030. The analysis corroborates existing evidence, showing that Europe can achieve climate neutrality by 2040 - a decade before the 2050 target - and lead the rest of the world in the energy

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  • IEA Energy Policy Review: EU energy policy needs teeth to limit temperature increase to 1.5°

    25.06.2020 | Press Releases

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that the European Union should align its short-term recovery objectives with the long-term climate goal by investing in energy efficiency and clean energy infrastructure to see greenhouse gas emissions further decline. These are some of the key recommendations put forward in IEA’s quinquennial report “

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  • Industrial decarbonisation needs circularity and resource use reductions

    23.06.2020 | Press Releases

    Today EU environment ministers have met to discuss the contribution of environmental and climate policies to the recovery from COVID-19, with a focus on circular economy.
    Ministers overwhelmingly acknowledged the crisis requires a rethink of our production and consumption patterns, but more consistency and synergies between climate and environment policies are needed to ensure the industry sector fully taps into the emission reductions potential of a circular

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  • EU and China set to foster cooperation on climate action

    22.06.2020 | Press Releases

    At today’s 22nd bilateral EU-China Summit, the EU and China have committed to develop economic stimuli that address both the economic and the climate crises. They have also reaffirmed their commitments to the implementation of the Paris Agreement, through closer partnership on climate action and the clean energy transition.

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  • CAN Europe messages to Environment Ministers on climate, circular economy and biodiversity

    22.06.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

    This letter offers our views on key aspects of the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) and the Biodiversity Strategy.

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  • EU leaders recognise the green dimension of EU’s recovery, now funds must follow

    19.06.2020 | Press Releases

    EU Heads of State and Government have exchanged their views on the revised EU budget and additional recovery funds proposed by the European Commission to counter the economic crisis.
    While there was support for a recovery focus on the green dimension, they must now make sure that the money will be invested to achieve higher climate targets and a swift transition to climate neutrality.

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  • The EU’s Recovery Plan: next steps to deliver on the European Green Deal

    19.06.2020 | Reports & Briefs

    This briefing provides an assessment of the European Commission proposal ‘The EU budget powering the recovery plan for Europe’ and analyses a number of new and revised pieces of legislation for the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-27 and Next Generation EU 2021-24.

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  • Letter to European Commission on industrial transformation

    18.06.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

    CAN Europe calls upon the Commission to build policy frameworks that guarantee economy-wide transformations that meet several environmental objectives.

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  • EU leaders’ Summit: No recovery without increased climate ambition

    16.06.2020 | Press Releases

    For the first time, EU leaders will discuss the European Commission’s proposals for a revised long-term EU budget, including significant recovery funding to address the economic shortfall caused by COVID-19, at an online European Summit this Friday. By focusing EU recovery spending on the green transition towards climate neutrality, heads of state and government can set the course for future sustainable and resilient economies.

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  • Energy Ministers’ recovery plans must be climate-proof

    15.06.2020 | Press Releases

    The Energy Ministers exchanged views on the needed economic transformation towards climate neutrality which is a major opportunity to reduce the use of fossil fuels and promote European leadership in developing and deploying sustainable technologies. The ministers acknowledged during today’s last ministerial meeting under the Croatian Presidency that the energy transition might slow down without adequate support. Further bilateral meetings will take place in the coming days to reach

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  • Renewables 2020 Global Status Report: Europe can still do better

    16.06.2020 | Press Releases

    At the global level, growth in renewable power has been strong over the past five years, overpassing all the other fuels in growth and competitiveness. Globally, too little is happening in heating, cooling and transport where the barriers are still nearly the same as ten years ago. As for Europe, while the share of renewable energy keeps increasing, investments have fallen yet again by 4% since 2018, according to REN21’s Renewables 2020 Global Status Report (GSR), released

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  • Submission to consultation - Renewable energy financing mechanism for EU-wide projects

    08.06.2020 | Submissions to Consultations

    To limit temperature rise to 1.5°C, the EU needs to move to climate neutrality and shift towards a 100% renewables-based energy system by 2040. The current EU 2030 renewable energy target is not in line with what is needed to reach the Paris Agreement target. Under the Clean Energy Package, some new instruments have been created to encourage regional cooperation, considered to be an instrument to guarantee an effective attainment of the EU 2030 renewable energy target. CAN Europe

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  • COVID-19 has paved the way for low-carbon lifestyles that public authorities must sustain

    08.06.2020 | Op-eds

    The COVID-19 crisis has shed light on the vulnerability of our healthcare and global economic systems, but it has also, paradoxically, opened our eyes to the many advantages of a low-carbon lifestyle, writes Wendel Trio.

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  • Submission to consultation - EU Hydrogen Strategy

    03.06.2020 | Submissions to Consultations

    Under certain conditions, renewable hydrogen can be considered as Paris compatible non-fossil gas. Under certain conditions, renewable hydrogen can be considered as Paris compatible non-fossil gas. Sectors where reducing emissions is most difficult such as the steel and chemicals or aviation, long-distance shipping and heavy-duty road transport could partly rely on renewable hydrogen or derived energy carriers such as liquid synthetic fuels or synthetic methane sourced from

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  • European Commission’s Recovery Package: time to turn Green Deal ambition into a fossil fuel-free and green recovery

    25.05.2020 | Press Releases


    This week the Commission is expected to reveal an ‘EU recovery package’ worth hundreds of billion euros, including a revamped EU budget proposal and additional funds to relaunch the economy. This a unique opportunity to invest in more resilient and sustainable economies in line with the European Green Deal and the transition towards climate neutrality.

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  • Submission to consultation - Energy System Integration

    20.05.2020 | Submissions to Consultations

    In an integrated energy system, energy supply and demand sectors interact more closely in order to facilitate a reduced energy demand and the quick scale-up of renewable energy sources. Based on the interplay of generators and consumers in a well-connected energy infrastructure, inefficient fossil-based technologies and back-up capacities can be phase-out more swiftly. An advanced integration of sectors’ energy demand prevents the societal costs of stranded assets. It allows for the

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  • Strong EU biodiversity and sustainable farming policies are key tools in the fight against climate change

    20.05.2020 | Press Releases

    The European Commission has published its biodiversity and “Farm to fork” strategies, two important pillars of its European Green Deal. Together with enhanced

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